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Black Sabbath. 02.15.16. Pepsi Center

Black Sabbath. 02.15.16. Pepsi Center “Let’s have a fucking wild time tonight!” The Prince of Darkness leaned forward and gripped the mic stand with his painted black fingers while six brilliant flames shot several feet into the air behind him. “You ain’t fucking loud enough! I can’t hear you!” It wouldn’t be surprising if Ozzy Osbourne actually is deaf at… Read more →

AC/DC. Pepsi Center. 02.08.16

AC/DC. Pepsi Center. 02.08.16 Attending a concert in a giant corporate arena is a necessary evil when it comes to seeing high-profile bands with a large stage presence, but when done right, those arena-ready bands can make you forget the hell you’re living in. AC/DC flipped that script right on its head last night when they brought their Rock or… Read more →

Van Halen. Red Rocks. 07.20.15

Van Halen. Red Rocks. 07.20.15 I don’t usually read other reviews before writing my own. It would be impossible for me to plagiarize someone else because I’m not a music critic, but it’s just easier to get my own thoughts down when I don’t have someone else’s opinions floating around in my head. It’s also very rare for me to… Read more →

Cheap Trick. Red Rocks. 06.16.15

Cheap Trick. Red Rocks. 06.16.15 Cheap Trick released their most influential material while I was still wearing diapers and learning to crawl. I’m pretty sure Peter Frampton peaked before I was even conceived. So I wasn’t anxiously waiting for tickets to go on sale for the double billing at Red Rocks. With the number of shows at my favorite venue… Read more →

The Missing Link Tour. Red Rocks. 05.03.15

The Missing Link Tour. Red Rocks. 05.03.15 It’s always amusing when someone claims they don’t like a certain genre of music. I understand not liking a band, or even an extreme subgenre like depressive black metal or horrorcore rap, but to say you don’t like country or metal or jazz just screams ignorance. That’s not to say I’m not guilty… Read more →

Mötley Crüe. Pepsi Center. 08.02.14

It’s hard to find anything good to say about the members of Mötley Crüe. With the exception of Mick Mars, I don’t respect anything about them as human beings. They are the epitome of excess. They were disrespectful little boys who grew up to be disrespectful old men. Peter Pan Syndrome, mixed with massive amounts of drugs and alcohol, led Nikki Sixx, Vince… Read more →

NIN / Soundgarden. Red Rocks. 07.21.14 / 07.22.14

On March 8th, 1994, two bands released their defining albums. Trent Reznor brought his industrial project to the mainstream (and dancefloors) with a song about fornicating like an animal, while Chris Cornell solidified himself as the voice of the heavier side of alternative rock. Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden both had a following before these albums were released, and some would even say The… Read more →

Queens of the Stone Age. Red Rocks. 08.16.13

If I were to say Queens of the Stone Age are the only band making ‘rock’ music today, the comments section of this post would overflow with explicit details as to why I’m an idiot. I would be called ignorant and uninformed, and the list of band names would justify my accusers’ allegations. But that doesn’t change the fact that… Read more →

Danzig. Ogden Theatre. 04.19.13

After standing around for over an hour, listening to some drunk dude yell “MOTHER” over and over and over again, only to be disappointed by an aborted set at Fun Fun Fun Fest in 2011, I swore I would never buy a ticket to see Danzig again. Glenn could take his “Legacy”, soak it in his French Onion soup, and… Read more →