Arcade Fire

I bought tickets to see Arcade Fire perform at the Pepsi Center today. I did this with a heavy heart, not quite sure if I wanted to see them perform in such a large arena. But then I decided that it would still be a great experience, especially since I am going with someone who has never seen them before.… Read more →

a conversation with Cooley

If you need an introduction to Cooley, I’m afraid I’ll have to point you in the direction of your local record store (or your favorite digital alternative).  Pick up (or download) Southern Rock Opera, Decoration Day and The Dirty South.  After you spend a few years educating yourself on the duality of the Southern Thing, it’s time to move on… Read more →

R.I.P. Air France

With only a couple EPs and a single under their belt, Swedish electronic pop duo Air France are calling it quits.  According to a tumblr announcement, they just couldn’t create anything worthy of a follow-up to 2008’s No Way Down.   Things that came easy in the past would come no more.  It’s too bad, because No Way Down held such… Read more →

R.I.P. Heavy D

1967 – 2011 The self-proclaimed ‘overweight lover’ Heavy D passed away due to respiratory issues yesterday.  The rapper/actor, whose real name was Dwight Arrington Myers, was probably best known for his work with the Boyz in the late 80’s, including my personal favorite, Big Tyme — a tape I played until it broke back in 1989 — but he continued… Read more →